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Becoming an Auctioneer

Although Kepple Auction Company is relatively new the idea has been alive for about nine years. In 2008 Alan began working for Ken Byrd Realty & Auction. It started as a side job during his time as a home inspector. He helped take inventory for auctions, installed auction signs and set up tables and chairs to prepare for sale days. Within a month or two he had fallen in love with the business. His duties increased and now included making advertising, working on sale day, measuring homes and taking pictures. Inspired by such a great Auctioneer in Mr. Byrd, Alan took and passed his Apprentice Auctioneers exam.

Alan quickly learned the auction business is more complex and difficult than anyone would expect. He set a goal to work for two other(in addition to Byrd) great auctioneers in the next 8-12 years before considering his own venture. After a productive period of time with Ken, Alan decided to move on. This was mostly due to the close proximity in which they live and the fact they know most of the same people. To this day Alan considers Ken a good friend and trusted adviser.

Interested in becoming a better bid caller, Alan enrolled in the Kentucky Auction Academy.  After a week of very intense training, Alan became the first graduate of Steve Cherry's Kentucky Auction Academy.  It left a strong impression and soon after Alan went to work with Steve Cherry's "The Progressive Auction Group" along side Coldwell Banker Legacy real estate. It was a great experience as he took the next step becoming a Principal Auctioneer.  He made great friends, gained valuable experience, and learned more aspects of the business from Steve Cherry.

Alan received a Facebook message from Hunt's manager in March of 2014 asking if he'd be interested in meeting with Hunt Auctioneers. Being happy with Progressive he almost said no but decided to hear them out.  Based on the recruiting pitch it became obvious that the remaining legends of the business on Alan's list would be slowly stepping out and into retirement.  After a couple of meetings Alan decided to go to work for Hunt Auctioneers. This would be the third great auctioneer. Learning from a Hall of Famer with 45 years of experience was the perfect way to complete the plan that was set in motion years earlier. Many close friends were made during that time.  Although most had left by the time Alan did, it was still a very difficult decision to leave some great people. But, the saying goes "business is business and friends are friends."

An offer to join Keller Williams and start Kepple Auction Company with Luke Williams as Broker and Alan Kepple the Principal Auctioneer came at the right time. Now actively recruiting auctioneers or potential auctioneers, Alan has the company going in the right direction with two people set to be Apprentice Auctioneers in the near future. He also considers himself fortunate that he has friends in the business that are willing to help on the day of the Auction.

Alan is dedicated to carrying on what the previous generation of auctioneers have left for him. He has high appreciation for the ones that paved the way to make the areas auction industry what it is today. He was taught the business from the ground up and wants to give his personal attention and detail on every sale. With the motto "We treat your property like we would our own"   it's clear he means what he says. Kepple Auction Company wants to continue "moving the Auction Industry Forward"


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A note from Alan:

"I've had calls wanting to list real estate and we end up doing an auction because its the best way to sell that property.  I've had people ask for an auction and it turns out the situation isn't a fit, so we list it.  I've even had calls that I've told the people to re-fi the home and keep it. Yes that cuts me out but if it's the best thing for them, that's what I'll suggest.


Our Team


Broker(soon to be apprentice auctioneer)

Luke Williams


Luke is the Broker of Keller Williams First Choice Realty. He's a well known expert in the local real estate market. He has signed up for Auction School and should be a licensed Apprentice Auctioneer sometime in July.




Realtor (soon to be apprentice auctioneer)

Jody Burton


Jody is one of the top producing Realtors in the Bowling Green/Warren County area market. He will be attending auction school with Luke and be an Apprentice Auctioneer soon after.



commercial realtor - advisor of specialty

Jonathan Bryant


Jonathan is a Commercial Realtor and has rapidly become one of the market leaders year in and year out. Although he's not an auctioneer and has no immediate plans to become one, he's a trusted advisor on Commercial Real Estate.