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Contact us today to discuss your property. All properties are different and each seller has a different set of circumstances. We can meet with you at no cost and with absolute discretion. We will assess the situation and give you our best opinion as to whether the property should be a candidate for auction.  If it is a prospect to sell by auction we will tell you what to expect from that time, through the promotion period, during the auction and through closing.  If we don't think the circumstances are right for an auction we can list is as Realtors with Keller Williams, or suggest a For sale by Owner.

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Use the form below if you'd like to book an appointment with one of our Auctioneers based in Bowling Green and serving the majority of the state of KY.  We take pride in personal service, patience and compassion as we strive to be the best Auction Company in the area. We'd love to talk auction with you!

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Thank you. We understand selling property is a major event with substantial money on the line. We treat your property like it's our own. Our success can only follow your success!

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