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Alan began this journey in 1999 by getting his real estate license.  After years in escrow he activated his license and began working for Ken Byrd Realty & Auction in Bowling Green KY. It was during this time in 2008 he passed his apprentice auctioneer course. He fell in love with the auction business and left contracting and home inspections behind.

Fast forward to today and Kepple Auction Company is focused on his clients and their property. With the motto "We treat your property like we would our own", the business is built to grow through the personal attention and detail given to each auction.  Our desire is to be honest and fair with everyone while maximizing the return for our clients. Our clients have typically undergone a life changing event in the recent past. After someone passes away, the family is left with the burden of selling assets during a time of grief. When a couple divorces, there are instances that require selling the property.  Although there are several other reasons to utilize the auction method, these two make up at least half when combined.  We step in and do what we do, fix problems.  In the event of an estate, we can sort the personal property and prepare it for auction(online or onsite).  We also prepare the home. In some cases, the home(or farm) may need to be cleaned, mowed, trimmed, bush hogged, trash removed and more. With this complete we can begin the promotion of the property.  Each property is unique and will require a specific plan to be executed to properly promote it. Our company's process begins with signing a contract, a marketing campaign, conducting the auction and successfully closing it with the seller receiving their funds. The normal timeline for this process ranges from 60 to 90 days.

Alan also does traditional listings and buyer representation with Keller Williams First Choice Realty. If you have property you are considering selling talk to Alan first. It cost nothing and you will get a fair and honest opinion. The suggestion may be to have an auction, offer through a traditional listing, do for sale by owner or even to keep the property. Yes, we will suggest what we think is honestly the best for you and your property.  Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire whether our services are right for you.

Alan Kepple - Principal Auctioneer/Realtor & Owner

Alan Kepple - Principal Auctioneer/Realtor & Owner



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Areas of Focus and Expertise


A properly promoted Auction is usually the best way to disperse of assets in an Estate. It's an emotional time, and often the family is still grieving. That's where we step in and help! The process of sorting/ preparing personal property, vehicles, farm equip., andreal estate to sell can be a daunting task. We take that burden from your shoulders. Many clients have called just to talk, vent or cry. We understand because we've been there.

Estate Auction that was home and farm in Edmonson County KY




Commercial Property is unlike anything else listed.  The buyers and sellers usually have a business plan that they will follow and rarely deviate from.  We have the experience to help with commercial and have team members that ONLY sell commercial property. They are top producers in their area of expertise and are trusted advisors.

Farms & land

Farms can be one of the more difficult types of real estate to sell.  It's the type of property that demands someone with an understanding of many major components that can vary by property.  Important factors may include ability to crop(soil type), value of timber, ability to offer in tracts or separate parcels and more. Each farm or large piece of land is unique. We have the experience, knowledge and resources that you are looking for.

Farm Auction in South Central KY



Personal property

We can assist with the sell of personal property online or on site. Types of personal property to consider include automobiles, farm equipment, guns, collectibles, antiques, art and other well received items. Contact us and we will discuss your situation and how we can help.


There are many reasons why an auction might be the best avenue to sell residential real estate. Auctions sell "as is, where is" and aren't subject to overzealous home inspectors, appraisal or anything else. You also wouldn't have to pay $3-5,000 in closing costs. Competitive bidding can often bring the owner more money that they expected. It all depends on the property and owners situation. We can help you decide if auction or traditional listing is best for you.

Real Estate Auction


Business Liquidation

We can assist with any type of business that needs to disburse assets quickly.  An auction may be the best method to get the most money in a short amount of time.  We will be glad to assess the situation and let you know if we can help.


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